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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Humidifier Air Purifier

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    Xiaomi Mijia Smart Humidifier S UV-C Sterilization Voice Control Air Purifier Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oil Fogger Home

    Note that voice control only supports Chinese!


    1.UV-C Sterilization: The Mijia Smart Humidifier S features UV-C sterilization technology, which helps kill bacteria and viruses in the water tank. The UV-C light effectively destroys the DNA structure of microorganisms, ensuring that the mist produced is clean and hygienic.

    2.Voice Control: This humidifier supports voice control, allowing you to operate it conveniently using voice commands. You can integrate it with popular virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, enabling hands-free control for adjusting settings, turning the device on/off, or changing mist intensity.

    3.Air Purification: In addition to humidifying the air, the Mijia Smart Humidifier S functions as an air purifier. It incorporates advanced filtration technology to remove impurities, allergens, and airborne particles, helping to improve the air quality in your home.

    4.Aromatherapy Diffuser: The humidifier also serves as an aromatherapy diffuser. You can add your favorite essential oils to the designated tray, and when the device is running, it disperses a fragrant mist infused with the aroma. This creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your living space.

    5.Smart Home Integration: This humidifier is compatible with Xiaomi’s smart home ecosystem, offering seamless integration with other smart devices. You can control and monitor the humidifier remotely through your smartphone using the Mi Home app, making it easy to manage settings and schedules from anywhere.

    6.Energy-Efficient Operation: The Mijia Smart Humidifier S is energy-efficient, consuming minimal power while providing optimal performance. It helps create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment without excessive energy consumption.

    Effective, healthy, smart, 3 new upgrades, new changes in humidification

    Aiming at humidification problems such as slow humidification, water pollution and home humidification, product performance has been systematically improved and new configurations such as high efficiency atomizers, fresh water filters, And the protection against over-humidity has been introduced to improve the humidification experience and allow you to enjoy the humidification.

    Effective, which no longer slows down, 450 ml/h heavy fog nourishes quickly

    Using a new type of high efficiency atomization film, compared with the previous generation of atomization film, the diameter is expanded by 25%, and the atomization efficiency is improved.

    The “curtain of the Sky” is high in the fog, and every corner of the house in circulation is wet

    Humidification is always uneven and localized? The structure of the air duct is improved. The high speed turbo fan emits a mist of up to 70cm, which extends over the upper part of the space of the house as a canopy slowly falls back to feed everywhere.

    Health is to sterilize first, then humify, sterilization rate is 99.9%

    The UV-C ultraviolet rays in the waterway sterilization area of the base can fully irradiate every drop of water, destroy the DNA or RNA of bacteria in the water, and kill 99.9% of bacteria that grow when water is stored. The water mist is healthy and clean.

    Deeply soften water quality, suitable for mothers, babies and people who beautify the skin

    Fresh water resin filter element releases cation to replace calcium and magnesium ions in water, reduces calcium and magnesium ion content, effectively reduces white powder pollution after water mist evaporation, and also allows the skin to be gently hydrated and maintained supple.


    Shurun stays and enjoy free time


    Dispel dryness and stay away from nasal discomfort

    Mother and baby room

    Moisturizing and comfortable, take care of baby skin

    Smart is to adjust fog intelligently to prevent bacteria from growing in high humidity

    Newly added over-humidity Protection, real-time monitoring under 3 levels of mist quantity humidification state, when relative humidity> 70% lasted 1 hour, it will be automatically adjusted to level 1 to prevent bacteria from growing in high humidity and wetting the office

    Automatic Induction, intelligent constant humidity, wet throughout the year

    Build a constant humidity scientific system to automatically detect humidity and keep it in the set range. The fault is constant 60% hr, can be connected to the Mijia application to adjust to 40% RH-70 % hr, comfortable in all seasons

    Conveniently fill water, open lid to reach, no longer carry water tank and walk

    The upper water injection structure is adopted. In the space between your work or study, you can discover the top cover and directly inject clean water on hand, without lifting the water tank and walking, and easily complete the water addition process

    4.5l abundant and large capacity, can moisten up to 22 hours

    In order to moisturize and feed longer, a large capacity of 4.5L is equipped for you, which is equivalent to 9 bottles of 500ml of water. It can be moistened up to 22 hours when it is filled with water, thus eliminating repeated watering problems

    As low as 34db, as light as breathing, calm without disturbing sleep

    Equipped with a patented light tone electric water tap, which reduces noise when replenishing water, and only 34db when humidifying in the first speed. Turn it on before you go to sleep and enjoy the food. Its light sound design will not bother you in light sleep

    Mijia APP remote operation, remote humidification can also be carried out outside

    No matter you go to work, travel or travel, you can remotely control Mijia Smart S sterilization humidifiers at home by leaving your mobile phone. You can turn it on first when you are away, and you will enjoy comfort and moisture at home.

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