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SOWAKAM VFD Inverter 0.75KW-5.5KW

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  • Description

    SOWAKAM VFD Inverter 0.75KW-5.5KW 1PH 3PH 220V/380V Motor Photovoltaic Water Pump Solar Energy Function Variable Frequency AC Drive

    Technical Index and Specification


    1.Rated Voltage: 1-phase  220V, 50/60Hz; 3-phase  380V;50/60Hz.
    2.Allowed Voltage: 1-phase  190V~240V; 3-phase  360V~450V.

    1.Voltage: 3-phase  0~240V; 3-phase  0~450V.

    2.Frequency: Low frequency mode: 0~60Hz; High frequency mode: 0~999Hz.

    3.Overload: G type: 110% for long-term, 120% for 1 min, 150% for 5s.

    Control Mode :V/F control, No PG vector control, Built-in PID control, With MPPT


    Protective Function :Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, module fault, electric thermal relay, overheat, short circuit, default phase of input and output, motor parameter adjustment abnormality, internal memory fault, etc.

    For more function pls ask me for user’s manual >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Safety Precaution:

    1. Before wring, please make sure that the input power is off.
    2. The wring work should be operated by the professional electrical engineer.
    3. The grounding terminals must be connected with the ground.
    4. Having paused circuit wiring emergently, please make sure that the check is effective.
    5. Do not connect the output wire of the inverter with the shell, and pay attention that the
    output wire should not be short-circuited.
    6. Please check whether the voltage of the AC main circuit power is consistent with the rated voltage of the inverter.
    7. Do not do the voltage withstand test on the inverter.
    8. Please connect the brake resistor according to the wiring diagram.
    9. Do not connect the power to the U, V, W output terminals.
    10. Do not connect the contactor with the output circuit.


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