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Solar Kit Complete With Mount 5KW

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    Solar Kit Complete With Mount 5000W 220v 120V Pv Panel 400W MPPT Contoller Hybrid Inverter Battery Home Solar System Off Grid

    ■ Over-loaded protection
    ■ With AC 220V Output
    ■ Pure Sine Wave inverter to convert DC output to AC
    ■ High efficiency, easy installation and reliable performance
    ■ 25years life span of solar panel
    ■ Economic and environment friendly
    ■ Low input and high return for customers

    This system generates Max.Power: 50Kwh/Day based on 5hrs peak sunshine time


    How many hour can household appliance run per day by the system ?

    5Kw 220v /120V includes
    Solar Panel 400w 24V 10Pcs
    SNRE Hybrid Inverter 5000W 220V /110V VAC
    48V DC 1PC
    Gel Battery Lead Acid 100AH 4 Set
    PV Cable 4MM2 30M
    MC4 Connector 4 Pairs

    5Kw 220v /120V with Mount includes
    Solar Panel 400w 24V 10Pcs
    SNRE Hybrid Inverter 5000W 220V /110V VAC
    48V DC 1PC
    Gel Battery Lead Acid 100AH 4 Set
    Solar Panel Mount 1 Set
    PV Cable 4MM2 30M
    MC4 Connector 4 Pairs


    Solar Panel -10 Year Quality Warranty and 25 Year lifespan

    Hybrid Inveter -2 Year Quality Warranty

    Lead Acid Battery – 3 Year Quality Warranty

    The Whole System For 1 Year


    Solar Panel 400W

    Hybrid inverter

    ·Adopt full digital voltage and current double closed-loop control and advanced
    SPWM technology to output pure sine wave.
    ·Two output modes, i.e. mains bypass and inverter output can achieve
    uninterrupted power supply function.
    ·Available in 4 charging modes: Only Solar, Mains Priority, Solar Priority and
    Mains & Solar hybrid charging.
    ·Advanced MPPT technology, with efficiency up to 99.9%.
    ·Wide MPPT voltage range, 120-450vdc.
    ·There is no commercial power or battery, and the solar energy has
    independentloading function.
    ·With function of activating lithium battery with solar energy and AC mains
    power,it supports connection of lead-acid battery and lithium battery.
    ·LCD screen design and 3 LED indicator lights dynamically display system
    data andoperation states.
    ·ON/OFF rocker switch can control AC output.
    ·With power saving mode function, it can reduce no-load loss.
    ·Intelligent adjustable speed fan is adopted for efficient heat dissipation and
    extended system life.
    ·Possessing multiple protection functions and 360° comprehensive protection.
    ·Possessing complete short circuit protection, overvoltage and undervoltage
    protection, overload protection, back filling protection, etc.

    Lead Acid Sealed Battery 12v 100Ah

    Free Mainetanance
    Deep Circyle


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