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PowMr Hybrid Solar Inverter 11KW

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    PowMr Hybrid Solar Inverter 11KW 48V 220V 500Vdc PV Input 80A MPPT Solar Charger And Battery Charger Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter






    This is a multi-function inverter/charger, combining functions of inverter, MPPT solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.




    1)Pure sine wave inverter

    2)Inverter running without battery

    3)Built-in MPPT solar controller

    4)Configurable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers via LCD setting

    5)Configurable battery charging current based on applications via LCD setting

    6)Configurable AC/Solar Charger priority via LCD setting

    7)Compatible to mains voltage or generator power

    8)Auto restart while AC is recovering

    9)Overload/ Over temperature/ short circuit protection

    10)Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance

    11)Cold start function

    Note1: This is a wide voltage Hybrid inverter. Solar panel input voltage must be higher 150V so that can start up the inverter to work.

    Note2: This Hybrid Inverter supports the WIFI function,but need to buy the WIFI module connect to APP so that can monitor.


    Basic System Architecture
    The following illustration shows basic application for this inverter/charger. It also includes following devices to have a complete running system:
    1.Generator or Utility.
    2.PV modules (option)
    Consult with your system integrator for other possible system architectures depending on your requirements. This inverter can power all kinds of appliances in home or office environment, including motor-type appliances such as tube light, fan, refrigerator and air conditioner.



    Product Parameter:

    Single inverter

    Model Number


    Charging Mode


    Rated Load Power


    Systerm Voltage


    Output Voltage


    Battery Type

    Lead-acid,Lithium and No Battery

    Surge Power


    Maximum PV Input


    Maximum MPPT Charging Current


    Maximum PV Input Current


    Maximum PV Input Power


    Optional Accessories

    Wifi Module

    Paraller Capability

    Yes,Up to 9 Units

    Can achieve three-phase output





    Parallel Capability: Yes, up to 9 units

    Product Picture:

    1、LCD display

    2、Status indicator

    3、Charging indicator

    4、Fault indicator

    5、Function buttons

    6、Power on/off switch

    7、AC input

    8、AC output

    9、PV input

    10、Battery input

    11、Circuit breaker

    12、RS232 communication port

    13、Dry contact(Optional)

    14、USB communication port(Optional)





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