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HAIKELITE XPH50.2 23000LM 6500K

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    HAIKELITE XPH50;2 23000LM 6500K 7 LED Flashlight Super Bright Type-C two-way fast charging port Searchlight Power Bank




    Lamp beads







    6063 aluminium alloy, stainless steel


    Military grade 3 hard oxide


    Tempered glass lens, black colour with violet film


    Three 18650 power cells (pointed, semi-tipped)


    Type-C two-way fast charging port

    Charging time

    3000mAh 3×18650 4 hours approx.

    Light beads

    7 LEDs XHP50.2

    Colour temperature

    6500K (cool white)

    Waterproof rating



    146mm (overall length) x 60mm (head) x 50mm (tail) x 46mm (barrel)



    Operating Instructions:

    Infinitely Dimmable: When off, press and hold the switch to infinitely dim up the brightness, release the switch and press again to change the dimming direction and lower the brightness

    Extremely bright: when on, double-click quickly in any gear to enter extremely bright, when the torch reaches 55 degrees, there will be temperature control protection, the torch will quickly drop to about 2000 lumens, if it reaches 55 degrees in the high brightness gear, it will slowly drop to about 3000 lumens, it will continue to be bright for a long time, the torch will rise to the high brightness gear when it is below 45 degrees.

    Burst flash: when on, double click – extremely bright double click again to enter the burst flash

    Battery level indicator: when the battery is below 3.2V blue light flashes, below 3V red light flashes, below 2.8 will automatically shut down

    Charging indication function: red light when charging, blue light when full

    Mobile phone charging indication: blue light is on for a long time when charging.

    Charging power: charging 5V 3A, 9V 2A, Huawei SCP5V 4.5A, two-way fast charging

    Infinite dimming/stall mode switch: when on, three clicks for infinite dimming

    mode switching between light and stall mode

    Stall mode: first 200 lumens, second 1500 lumens, third 3000 lumens, fourth 6000 lumens, double click to very bright 23000 lumens, double click again to enter burst flash.

    Lock mode: Press and hold for four seconds to enter the lock function when switched off, and for four seconds to unlock when switched on.


    Reminder for safe use:

    1. Please use a high quality power battery (discharge capacity >20A).

    2. When the battery voltage is too low, please charge it in time. The torch has a low battery indicator (when the voltage falls below 2.8V, the torch will enter the protection function to turn off the torch).

    3. Do not shine directly into the eyes of people or animals, and do not shine on moving vehicles or flammable objects. It is normal for the head to heat up quickly, so please use caution to prevent burning your hands.

    4. Unscrew the torch and insert 3 x 18650 batteries. Note that the torch requires pointed or semi-tipped batteries.

    Do not place the batteries upside down, with the negative (flat bottom) of the batteries facing the spring and the positive (with the tip) facing outwards.

    5. Screw the barrel tightly, the torch will flash when it is energised. Tighten the barrel with the appropriate amount of force, being careful not to apply too much pressure.

    6. The torch has a small standby current when it is switched off. The current is too low to worry about. However, it is advisable to remove the batteries when not in use for a long period of time. (e.g. if it is to be left for several months)

    Package included:

    1 x HAIKELITE Flashlight

    1 x Hand Strap

    1 x Type-C Cable

    1 x Manual

    2 x O-ring

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