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Air Purifier HEPA Negative Ions Generator

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    Air Purifier HEPA Negative Ions Generator Harmful PM2.5 Smoke Formaldehyde Gas Remover Eliminator for Bedroom with Night Light

    Main functions of air purifier:

    1.HEPA filtering function:Inhale air through a fan, allowing the air to pass through the HEAP composite filter element, filtering harmful solid particles and gases such as smoke, PM2.5, formaldehyde, benzene, etc. in the air; The filtration is divided into four layers: the outer layer of the large particle adsorption network, the HEPA filtration layer,Nano adsorption layer and the activated carbon filtration layer. The air passes through the four layers in sequence.
    Negative ion purification function: After the air purifier is plugged in, it ionizes the air and generates negative ions, which carry negative charges. Most of the dust bacteria in the air have positive charges. After the negative ions undergo a neutralization reaction with these dust bacteria, they attach and settle, falling to the ground. At the same time, the negative ions use their own bactericidal and disinfection effect to remove bacteria from the air, thus making the air clean;
    UV sterilization function:The air purifier is equipped with a built-in ultraviolet generator, which sucks in air through a fan and sterilizes it through ultraviolet radiation. (The ultraviolet generator is built into the air purifier and will not leak)
    Night light function:Light effect can be clearly recognized at night, according to scientific research, light colour can helps sleep.5.

    Sleep mode
    Intelligent timing7.

    Air quality detection function:  The air purifier is equipped with an intelligent chip to detect air quality and automatically select the appropriate purification mode based on air conditions.
    PM2.5 numerical display9.

    Filter replacement reminder

    HEAP filter element function:
    HEAP filter is the heart of Air Purifier

    1. Electrostatic attraction:
    Very small particles, such as 0.009 micrometers, increase the probability of contact between pollutants and filter fibers due to irregular Brownian motion, and are captured through electrostatic attraction.
    2. Surface collision:
    Larger pollutants, such as bacteria and viruses, are difficult to follow the airflow between fibers due to their own inertia. When the airflow is obstructed in the fibers and cannot be bypassed, these pollutants cannot change direction in a timely manner and collide with the fiber surface, resulting in being captured by the filter.
    3. Screen filtration:
    Larger volumes of particulate matter, such as PM2.5, PM10, and various types of pollen, are directly captured due to their particle size being larger than the gaps between fibers.
    4. Activated carbon adsorption:
    Activated carbon appears in powder, granular or pellet form, with an amorphous and porous structure, and a large pore surface area. It utilizes the physical adsorption, chemical adsorption, oxidation, catalytic oxidation, and reduction properties of activated carbon to adsorb gases.

    The complete air purifier kit includes
    1 *  Air Purifier
    1 *  Replaceable Filter
    1 *  DC charger

    Automatic air quality detection


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