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Solar Grid Tie MPPT Inverter with Limiter

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  • Description

    1KW DC22V-65V or 45V-90V MPPT Solar Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter for solar panels battery discharge home on grid connected


    Package Include:

    1. Piece MPPT Inverter

    2. Clamp Sensor:with 3meters (choose)

    3.A Wifi Plug with Cable(choose)

    4. An AC Power Cable

    5. Piece User Manual (English)


    The V6.1 version cancelled the EXTERNAL port. We will randomly send the V5.1 version and V6.1 version. The other functions and performances of the improved product are the same as those before the improvement. After the product is improved, it will be more convenient for users to use the product.

    The products modified include the SUN-2000G2, SUN-1000G2 of solar inverter and SUN-2000G2-WAL(WDL) and SUN-1000G2-WAL(WDL) of wind inverter.

    All inverters are of the latest version

    Feature for the Solar grid tie inverter:

    Easy installation, can be paralleled on AC side.

    Nice LCD display various parameters including input voltage, output power, temperature,form etc.

    Can be integrated with internal limit function.

    Wifi wireless communication extended interface, enable inverter power production data on PC web or phone APP.

    RS485 extended interface serviceable.power curve, output sine wave collect by wifi plug and monitor.

    Work with solar panels/work with battery.

    Optional Part :

    Wifi Port  for MPPT 1000W/2000W NEW SUN Solar Grid Tie Inverter

    Web / Mobile Phone App on Line Monitoring

    NOTE : It will be built-in side the inverter .

    Product description :

    How to use the grid tie inverter ?

    1 unit inverter installation / more units inverters in parallel . the inverter AC output can be connected in the AC plug of grid in the house .

    2-1. Using Grid Tie Inverter With Limiter Model

    2.1 The Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter delivers only the power needed by the load and prevents delivering excess power hence avoids excess power in going back to the Grid.

    2.2 The heart of the Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter is the Limiter Module (LM). The LM continuously sampled the power needed by the load through the current sensor connected after the Main Circuit Breaker. The LM then will process the signal. It then sends signal to Grid Tie Inverter how much power to deliver to the load in real time.

    2.3 The user, after installing and connecting the GTIL correctly, need not do anything and the unit will do its work automatically.

    3. Installation of GTIL With Internal Limiter

    3.1 This installation is not require an additional limiter module,Installation is much easier.Clamp the current sensor cable to the hot wire to measure the current,the internal limiter will auto detect the load power and control the inverter output power,excess power will be well controlled.

    3.2 External protective device including dc and ac SPD(Surge protection device),dc and ac breaker,etc is recommended to installed in the system.

    4.Limiter Setting on the LCD of the inverter:

    The GTIL include three working mode:

    Work as normal GTI without power limitation.

    Work under Internal limiter mode

    Work under External limiter mode,

    Pls make your setting on the LCD and save it,details setting operation,pls read the GTI manual.

    5 Battery Discharge Power Mode

    New upgraded firmware enable battery or solar limiter current and power model.

    User can set the maximum output power of inverter , this can make the inverter work at cooler contition as user want and extend the lifespan of the inverter .
    User can set kick in/off voltage of the inverter which can flexible using with battery bank depend on users mind and can prevent battery bank from over discharged .

    6 Limiter Module Specification

    1. Clamp sensor- Max 100A

    2. Wattmeter- Max 9999w

    3. Terminal Block-Max 20A

    4. Receptacle- max 2000w

    5. Clamp sensor signal- 5v AC max mA

    6. DC signal Cable- 5v DC, max mA

    Picture showing:

    Dear customers friends,Please do not fill in the island address when you choose the Poland warehouse for shipment.Because the local logistics company will not send it to the island address.Please fill in the mainland address.Thank you for your order.

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